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Bujaexpress.com is a service of the communications company BUJA EXPRESS Limited which focuses on the production of media content and the visibility of personalities, products, brands, companies and other organizations.

I. Production of media content

Buja Express Limited positions itself as an effective partner in the production of media content in various forms: Audio content: programs, jingles, interviews, radio magazine, reports, advertising spots, our staff take care of everything, from writing to ‘recording, without forgetting cross-checking, processing, etc.

  • Audio content: broadcasts, jingles, interviews, radio magazines, reports, advertising spots, our staff take care of everything, from writing to recording, not to mention cross-checking, processing, etc.
  • Video content: video clips, short documentary films, commercials, reports, programs, portraits, event covers, our teams take care to respond with quality material.
  • Web Content: Buja Express Limited has found that most business, agency and public figure websites rarely contain information commensurate with their owner. Either they are little or badly fed, or they are not at all. This is valid when it comes to verifying their presence on social networks (facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, etc.).

Our teams ensure not only that your website is updated with the information it needs, but also and above all that your presence on social networks is equivalent to your importance.

Stop wondering how to do it, or by what magic you bring out interesting content. It’s our role to surprise you.

II. Visibility

  1. Conferences and press briefings: Buja Express Limited already has a long and successful experience in organizing press conferences. Making contact with the media, making sure everyone is there at the right time can be a complicated and frustrating exercise. Let our teams take care of that for you. A picture worth 1000 words, here are some of the conferences we have organized on behalf of various clients…


2. Photo and design: Good photos are an essential element to ensure good visibility. In addition to its own photographers, Buja Express Limited offers a variety of photographers, each according to their expertise, to find the image best suited to your product.

In the same spirit, Buja Express Limited offers you graphics services to create adequate visuals worthy of you in all forms and all kinds: Logos, magazines, booklets, sleeves, posters, banners, billboards, T shirts, cups, caps , tickets, invitations, etc.

  1. Printing: Who wants to waste precious time finding the right printer and quality after spending the stress of finding the right graphic? Buja Express offers good, fast, reliable and efficient printing solutions. We print posters, CDs and DVDs, billboards, T shirts, caps, tickets, invitations,
  2. Events: Buja Express Limited organizes and participates in the organization of round tables, outdoor awareness campaigns, workshops, concerts, fairs and festivals.
  3. Communication: Buja Express Limited offers your companies, projects and products a communication and visibility plan and offers to assist you in its implementation if necessary.

6. Promotion: Artists, songs, videos, ideas, artistic careers, events, brands.

III. Customers and partners

Buja Express Limited has already worked with:

Companies: Viettel Burundi, Smart Let’s Talk, la Brarudi, Le Panoramique Hotel, Hotel Le Diplomate BAC, Burundi Brewery, OSA-NET, ALPHA CD Technology, Agence Esther, TD Live Productions, IKOH Multiservice …

Institutions: National Defense Forces via the DSS program, New Generation Burundi, BBIN, …

Cultural events: The FESTICAB, Imuhira Festival, Buja Sans Tabou Festival

Individuals, groups and private individuals: Dudu, Adora, Heavenly Melodies, Fortran, Bobona, Redemption Voic, SAT B, JIJI 7, Adora, Cynthia ITEKA, Seraphim’s Songs, Chorale Uno Corde, Chorale Amani de Bukavu, Chorale Agape d’Uvira, …

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